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We Collect, Clean & Deliver your
Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

The New Way to do Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

We pick up your clothes, clean them according to your preferences & bring them back so fast you’ll hardly notice they ever left.

A Laundry Service Designed for you

24h turnaround time
Free collection and delivery
Dedicated 24/7 support

You shouldn’t need to block out 3 hours on your calendar for laundry. Take back control of your time and do what you want!

A convenient laundry solution that helps protect the environment.

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For all Types of Laundry Services!

Our Happy Clients

Tristan S

Very clean, the woman who works here is always cleaning. Very affordable to do your laundry, $2.50 for the washer and $0.25 for the dryer depending on how many minutes you want to dry. I always get nervous about laundry places in the area but I really love this one. Everything is clean, the woman is very nice, affordable, and not crowded at all even on a Saturday afternoon! Will definitely be coming back.

Dante r

cheap and chill , is not that crowded like other laundry places XD

Soloman Konneh

One of the best places to wash your clothes

Kyle Romero

This is closer to what I want... Dry cleaning is an extra services I offer at the location but your website is more of dry cleaning than laundromat



I am Alex Aniekwe, I recognized the immense potential within the laundromat industry. I am an extraordinary individual whose aspirations and long-term goals reach far beyond the confines of the laundromat. My laundromat business is a testament to dedication, to creating job opportunities, supporting local suppliers, and fostering economic empowerment. Additionally, I actively collaborate with community organizations, lending my expertise to initiatives aimed at fostering equality, inclusivity, and empowerment for all.

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